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The Seto Mingei Pottery Museum

From the perspective of the makers, the appeal of daily utensils fired

The Seto Mingei Pottery Museum introduce, from the perspective of the makers, the daily utensils fired since the end of the Edo period in Seto, especially the Hora area where the Hongyogama kiln is located.



The world of pottery production has been greatly affected by changes in taste and technology over the generations. However, from raw materials to firing methods, the Sixth Generation Mizuno Hanijiro’s creative approach remained constant in the midst of changing times. His 1958 encounter with the mingei movement helped to strengthen his determination. Today, inherited by Hanjiro VII and the next generation’s Hanjiro VIII, the same spirit lives on in the pottery of the Hongyogama kiln.

We hope to connect people with each other through pottery and communicate the joy that can be discovered in everyday life. 

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