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Tools for Kiln

Shelves, Container

In the kiln firing of the climbing kiln, shelves are assembled to pack the vessels. The shelves and pillars were all made of ceramic. In addition, the container was also made of pottery so that the ash of the fuel would not cover the container. The work of loading and unloading the kiln while using kiln tools that are heavier than the vessel took several days, and was carried out by specialized craftsmen under the instructions of the owner of the kiln. It withstands many kiln firings, covers a lot of ash, and is firmly baked.
After being used up, they were reused as tools to support towns and houses, replacing stones, blocks, and bricks. In the Tora area, there is a corner where you can take a walk called the "Kamagaki no Komichi", which has been used as a pottery town.

Seto and Hora AreaPlease refer to


Ebuta (shelf plate) It will be part of the plate of the shelf. 


Tsuku (shelf board) It will be part of the pillar of the shelf. Since it does not stand on its own, sandy soil is sandwiched between it and the shelf board, and it is assembled while keeping it level.


Engoro  It is a container that prevents the ash from burning firewood for fuel from covering the vessel. These are piled up in the kiln.

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