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Please observe these manners during your visit:

Please do not touch the works on exhibit or the glass cases. Please refrain from touching the equipment and the walls of the kilns. They are important cultural assets.

Please refrain from eating and drinking inside the museum. Please put plastic bottles away in your bag.

Please keep your voice down.

Please do not bring large items of baggage into the museum. There are lockers inside the museum for your convenience. If you have baggage that will not fit into the lockers, please leave it in your car or check it at the reception desk.

If you have an umbrella, please use the umbrella stand.

About photography:
Video photography is prohibited. Please refrain from flash photography and the use of tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks. Photographs may be taken for personal use only

About cellular phones:
Please turn your phone off or switch it to “manner” mode. If you must use your phone, please take it outside the museum.

Pets are not allowed in the museum.

Smoking is prohibited everywhere on the grounds of the museum.

There are no trash receptacles at the museum. Please take your trash with you.

The museum reserves the right to refuse admittance to guests who appear to be intoxicated.

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